Slow down and ask: What’s at the Center?

Every place you look, people are offering you products and programs to solve your problems and change your life. The truth is, changing the outside of your life changes nothing (except your bank account). Without a change on the inside, no product or program will bring any changes that last (remember that tread mill you bought last year that’s in the garage now). What all of us need is a change deep down inside at the center and soul of our lives; that’s a place only God can change.

Talking about God may bring up bad religious memories of your past or political arguments in the present, but what if you could push past all that and seek God for yourself?

Every Day Begins With Jesus is a five week daily devotional that invites Jesus into the center of your everyday life by inviting Him into the first 20 minutes of your day. It’s filled with personal stories of faith and practical explanations of God’s Word. This devotional is a simple and down to earth approach to read by yourself or with a friend. Why not give yourself a new way to hear from God and find answers to the questions we all have deep down inside?

Read It Together

We encourage you to read through this book with someone else. Email us at email us to let us know when you are starting so we can be praying for you!

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